Pleni Naturals

Skin Care for Babes. Made with Organic Vegetable and Fruit Extracts.

Skin care is something I am very passionate about, especially when it comes to what we use on our girls. That's why I was so excited to team up with Pleni Naturals, a company based out of Colorado, that strives to produce clean, organic skin care for the little babes in our lives.

Founder and formulator, Allyson, is a mother of two children passionate about living a non-toxic lifestyle, so I felt confident that this brand would truly suit our needs and our values.

Our product arrived quickly and the packaging was so cute! Each item was wrapped in tissue and sealed with a fun, fruit and veggie sticker similar to the labels on the bottles. The three products we received in the mail were the Apple + Broccoli Hair & Body Wash, Berry + Olive Baby Balm, and Cucumber + Grape Baby Oil.

Rowan was so excited to try out these new bath products. Her and Luella love taking baths and Rowan has already developed a love for lotion and body oil, (that's my girl!). We both really loved the smell of them, they all have a sweet and subtle scent, not overpowering like some. I also loved how easily the soap rinsed out of their hair.

I am passionate about what type of skin care we use, not only because my girls have sensitive skin, but also because the harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances have been known to mess with hormones, being possible links to cancer. I believe it makes a huge difference in the way their skin, hair and bodies develop. I want to teach my girls how to live a mostly organic lifestyle and I feel like that starts by choosing clean, natural, nontoxic skin care products. What we put on our bodies, goes into our bodies.

Bathtime is one of my girl's favorite activities and during the winter months it usually occurs during that time of day where nothing else seems doable and everyone is about to lose their mind. You midwest mamas know what I am talking about. I feel good knowing that they are able to enjoy one of their favorite activities while using safe, wholesome products.

Pleni Naturals, full of thoughtful ingredients and formulated with love. We are true fans! If you feel like trying out these delicious products, head on over to Pleni Naturals and use promo code "driftlesswanderings15" for 15% off your purchase (not applicable to gift sets).


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